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HEMA. Swordsman’s Day in Saint Petersburg




Дата и время:23.05.2021 в 12:00
МестоAlexandrovsky Garden
Условия входаAdmission is free

The Saint Petersburg Swordsmanship Club invites you to attend an annual festival Swordsman's Day

Sunday, May, 23st, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The festival is held in the open air from noon till 4pm.

At the festival you will be acquainted with different sides of fencing: historic, classic, scenic and artistic, costumed performances, vintage dancing and fashion shows. Children and adult viewers can participate in master classes, open classes and safe fights.

If you are interested in history of swordsmanship, keen on arm blanche and appreciate the beauty of fencing science, love the sound of clinking blades and understand imperishable value of fencing art – this is the right place to come.

Swordsman's Day was established in 2005 by initiative of The Saint Petersburg Swordsmanship Club. Now Swordsman's Day has become a new Petersburg tradition and is included as a part of the celebration program of the Saint Petersburg city day.

E-mail us for further details at mail@fencing-club.ru
Alina Tuliakova

The Saint Petersburg Swordsmanship Club took on the mission
to expand interest in the Historical European Martial Arts among the citizens.

We practise swordplay, league HEMA enthusiasts and strive to preserve moral guides of the noble science - valour, honour, gallantry.

The Saint Petersburg Swordsmanship Club develops the Historical European MartialArts - НЕМА as a union of history, art and swordsmanship.

We also hold:

  • «HEMA culture days»
    A conference 
promotes researching heritage of the martial arts.
 Swordsmen, historians, artists take part in this event.
  • Biennale “Arms in art”
    Fine arts exibitions, where every piece of art (paintings, sculptures, drawings, photos) is to have a representation of cold steel arms, bladed weapons.
  • Saint-Pétersbourg Аssemblée Grand Assaut”
    The holiday is dedicated to two types of art which were popular in 18th-19th centuries:dancing and classical fencing.

Who comes to us with the sword — welcome!




НЕМА — Historical European Martial Arts. Swordsman’s Day 2016

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